What Should You Eat on Race Day?

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What should you eat on the day of the main event? This is an important question to ask yourself. Have you thought about it? Do you plan out your meals for the day? Are you prepared for the upcoming race day? If so, that’s awesome! If not, let’s take a look at what you’re currently doing.

Current Race Day Prep

Let’s take a look at what your current prep looks like. Examine your daily routine. Do you wake up and have breakfast right away or do you wait a while before you eat breakfast? Do you even eat breakfast at all? Moving through the day, do you have a snack/bridge meal or do you wait until lunch before you eat again? Same with the afternoon into the evening, do you have a snack/bridge meal or again do you wait until dinner for your next meal?

Take a good look into what your race day actually looks like as far as meal prep goes. Now let’s take a step back and look at what our average day looks like.

Average Day Meals

Again let’s examine an average day. What are you eating throughout the day? Is it healthy or is it crap? Do you portion your meals correctly (are your macros dialed in to your personal needs)? Do you even have a meal plan throughout the day or do you wing it?

Go ahead and think about it for a little bit. Write on a piece of paper or notebook, what an average day looks like for you.

Ok we’ll start here.

Preparing for Race Day

I’m going to let you in a “not so secret” secret. Preparing for the race day begins during the week. What you’re eating during the week is going to affect how your body performs on the weekend. Take a look at how to plan your meals for the racing season.

If you haven’t yet, take a minute to read that article above and come back when you’re done. It’s going to help guide you through how to set up a meal plan that will help you maximize your performance during the racing season.

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Now that you’ve read that, do you have a good indication of how you might plan out your daily meals? Good, let’s move on. If you’re looking for more guidance racerx did a good article on what to eat on race day and motocross action magazine did one on fueling the body.

Your Daily Meals Are Planned

What’s next? Implement your meal plan on a daily basis so that your body gets into a routine and can depend on having those nutrients throughout the day around certain times.

This will do a couple things. First, you will maximize your performance because your body will be getting the nutrients it needs at the times that it needs them. Second, your body will be in a routine (like I mentioned above) going into the weekend. Which is what we want!

Why You Shouldn’t Switch Things Up On The Weekend?

Have you ever eaten really crappy for an extended period of time, then switched to cleaner methods of eating? Or vice versa, eaten clean for a while then switched back to crummy eating? What did you notice? Were you in the bathroom a ton? Did the switch from clean to crap or crap to clean (no pun intended), mess you up big time?

That’s why we don’t switch it up on race day. Nobody has time for that, especially when you’re trying to get hyped for a race! Your body builds a routine around your eating schedule and that routine is what it’s depending on. So keep it the same.

The Bottom Line

So what’s the final say? My opinion is to keep the routine you use during the week. Don’t switch things up. Just make sure that when you build your daily meal plan, you take into account how much food you’re going to need throughout the day to sustain your efforts and power you through some intense training.

Try this out, if it doesn’t work for you then feel free to go back to your old ways or shoot me an email and I’ll try to get you on the right track as best as I can.


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